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Goodreads #5 - Notes of a dirty old man

Publicerad 2017-04-13 23:29:00 i goodreads,

Yea sure. Bukowski is great. Sometimes Ithink Bukowski would be my generations' equivalent to Hemingway. (assuming that men in their thirties and forties used to be baffled by Hemingway when they were in the age of 17-23)

I read this book in a dirty student pub with noisy Germans and bloated fraternity people as background noise. When people saw what book I read they gave me drunken thumbs up and praised Bukowski's wit and talent. Some parts of me thought that they were slow or that this book had introduced these people to reading because Bukowski gets boring really quickly. His style is essentially him repeating attempts to be vulgar and provocative. A strategy that neither is creative nor interesting. If you want to be shocked, please visit google and search for 2girlsonecup.

Anyway, I give this book a solid 4/5. It is fun, interesting and an easy read. The chapters are neatly put together and reading a Bukowski is a must.


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